Deadline for signing up is April 30.



Thelma/Louise is a two member team, single elimination, ladder tournament and Lucy vs. Ethel is an individual, single elimination ladder tournament.  These tournaments are intended to give people match play experience.  Ladders are blindly drawn from participating players after the signup deadline and posted on the bulletin boards in the locker room. Players must have an established handicap and have played at least 4 times prior to participation.  

Matches are arranged by the players and are to be played on non-league days, if at all possible. If necessary, the match may be played on a Tuesday league day after the 9 hole league tee times, but must be arranged with the 9 hole tee-time chair 5 days ahead.

Match play is scored hole by hole, win, lose, or draw (halve) comparing net ball scores. 
The tournament winner is determined by the number of holes won, rather than total gross and net score; i.e. If player A wins 11 holes and opponent player B wins 9 holes, then player A is the winner of the match .
Each player plays her own ball into the hole  (see exceptions *).


See RLGA Rules - Match Play


•    The match is finished and won when a player (or team) leads by a number of holes greater than the number of holes remaining to be played (e.g. 4 holes ahead with only 3 holes left to play). 
•    If there is a tie at the end of the match, the starter will determine on which hole to begin sudden death. 
•    To start the match, determine the player/team to tee off first by a flip of a coin or drop of a tee.  On subsequent holes, the last player/team to have won a hole shall have the honor and tee off first.
•    The ball farthest from the hole shall be played first.  However, in team play, balls belonging to the same team may be played in the order the team determines. 
•    If you play out of turn (on the tee, fairway or on the green), your opponents can make you re-hit your shot.  On any given shot, you can deviate from this rule if one of your opponents consents prior to the shot. 
•    Follow USGA rules for play. Summer rules apply (play the ball where it lies).  Play the ball where it lies. 
•    *The scoring ball MUST BE HOLED OUT, unless the other player/team concedes the putt.  Be alert as to when you concede a putt, so you don’t make your opponents putt really short putts!  
•    *If there is no way you/your team can win the hole, concede the hole to your opponent(s). 
•    *In team play, if you are clearly not able to do better than your partner, declare that you are “out of the hole” and pick up your ball.
•    For score posting,  on conceded or unfinished holes, either determine what you believe you would have finished the hole with or take the maximum allowable strokes for Equitable Stroke Control (see MEMBERSHIP- HANDICAPS). Your ESC score from this round must be posted for handicap purposes. 
•    When you have finished your match, write the winners’ names on the T&L Ladder, write “T/L” or “L/E match” on the top of the scorecard and place the score card in the tournament bin for pick up by the Handicap committe. Notify the webmaster for website ladder updates.


Players must coordinate a date to play the match within the following round deadlines, and if possible, on a day other than Tuesday.  If they must play on a regular Tuesday, notify the tee time coordinator and your group will be put at the end of the tee time schedule (after the 9 hole league).

Round               Complete Play By           Forfeit Date*
Play in round    May 31, 2019                  June 4, 2019  (if odd number of players)
  1                       July 5, 2019                    July 9, 2019
  2                       Aug. 2, 2019                   Aug. 6, 2019
  3                       Sept. 6, 2019                  Sept. 10, 2019
  4                       Oct. 4, 2019                    Oct. 8, 2019
*  If a match is not able to be played by the round's deadline, the match will be required to be played on the following Tuesday (after the 9 holers).  If a player/team is unable to play on that Tuesday, they will forfeit.  A team has the option to compete with just one of their members.



  • An 18 hole handicap (or 9 hole ) must be established before the first round of play begins.  The maximum handicap for 18 hole play is 36, and 25 for 9 holes.
  • The handicaps used will be the handicap in effect on the date the round is played.  It is the players' responsibility to ensure the correct handicap is reflected on the card before the match begins and mark the cards accordingly. 
  • The player with the lowest handicap among the 4 will receive no strokes.  The remaining 3 players will receive the difference between their course handicap and the low handicapper. 

Name        Course         Match 
Laura              19                0
Tina                25                6        (1 stroke on holes with difficulty rating 1-6)
Mary               22                3        (1 stroke on holes with difficulty rating 1-3)
Jill                   27                8        (1 stroke on holes  with difficulty rating 1-8)
For team play, if the two partners have more than a 10 stroke differential in their handicaps, a 10% reduction will first be applied to the higher handicap player.  If there is still more than a 10 stroke differential, a 10% reduction will be applied to the lower handicap player.