Always check the website home page on the day of play for any possible delays due to weather! 



RIDGEFIELD GOLF COURSE  The Golf Course membership and the RLGA membership are two separate fees.   In addition to joining RLGA, you may also decide to join the Ridgefield Golf Course as a resident or non-resident to take advantage of the reduced greens fees.  The golf course offers a tiered membership fee structure with plenty of options.  Please check the website at  or call the golf course (748-7008) for information.


FRANK SERGIOVANNI, our Golf Pro/ Course Manager, helps with our major tournaments and will continue to offer drop-in, group clinics for women on Thursday mornings for all golfing levels. The format and times are TBD. If there is demand, he will also offer special clinics for new golfers to get them ready to play in the league contests.


RLGA LEAGUES:  Open to women golfers from any town!  Our 9-hole League is for golfers of all levels of experience and play. Our 18-hole League is for golfers with an established GHIN (handicap index) of 40 or less (see HANDICAPS). Play begins at the first course tee time on Tuesday morning, with the 9 hole following the 18 hole league.  There are arranged groups and tee times and different contests or tournaments every week.  Play in the weekly format is mandatory, but players have the option to not enter their contest score to qualify for placement and prizes.  


HANDICAPS:  (see MEMBERSHIP- HANDICAPS for details) Course handicaps, which are required for most league play, are calculated twice a month and posted on the league bulletin boards. New members are assigned a club GHIN number for computer entries and must post 5 gross scores in the computer to establish a handicap.  Within two weeks of entering the 5th score, their GHIN handicap  will be calculated and their course handicap will be included in the bulletin board listing. They may play in Tuesday and league contests which require handicaps. 


SCORECARDS AND POSTING:  (see TOURNAMENTS- SCORE POSTING) Each player MUST post their (ESC) adjusted gross score (ESC) on the club computer or via within 48 hours every round they play. This is usually different from the contest/ tournament score, which is calculated according to the contest rules and which players may record on the weekly results sheet.  All scorecard postings will be audited routinely by the Handicap Committee.


2019 SEASON PLAY:  April 16 – October 29  A schedule and description of the different weekly contests and tournaments is posted before the season starts.(see TOURNAMENTS – WEEKLY SCHEDULE).  Online sign-up is available up to 10 days in advance (See TEE TIMES- TEE TIME REQUESTS). Final groupings and tee times will be posted one week prior to play on the bulletin boards and on this website (WEEKLY TEE TIMES).  




RLGA RULES  (See RLGA RULES) :  USGA and local rules govern all play. Also, to keep the pace of play reasonable, RLGA encourages “Ready Golf” in weekly contests differs from the classic golf/tournament etiquette of tee-off “honors”, farthest away hits first, etc.   Players should be responsible for knowing all the material listed in these sections! 



March 15               . . . . . . .    Application deadline for current members

April 2                   . . . . . . .    Membership Kick Off and Meet 'n' Greet Annual meeting

April 16                 . . . . . . .    OPENING DAY of League play

April 30                 . . . . . . .    Match play sign up deadline

May 15 (Wed)       . . . . . . .    SCWGA play at RGC

May 21                  . . . . . . .    Charity Day

June 18                . . . . . . .     9/18 League Combined -  Shotgun and luncheon

July 23 & 30         . . . . . . .    President’s Cup (2 day “ringer” – count best of 2                                                               scores on each hole)

October 29           . . . . . . .    Last Day of play

Nov. 12                 . . . . . . .    Year End Luncheon                                               








2019 RLGA General Information