•  Cancellations must be made before 5pm on Friday prior to Tuesday golf day.  To cancel, click "not playing" on your original round invite email or notify the tee time chair. Time is needed to set up tee times and make up the printed scorecards. The final list is given to the Pro Shop by Saturday morning.

•  A player who cancels between Friday and Monday before Tuesday play must notify both the tee time chair and the Pro Shop.



• RLGA will follow the Ridgefield Golf Course policy: there is a $28 cancellation fee charged if a player cancels less than 24 hours before tee time.  The player is responsible to pay the cancellation fee directly to the RGC.  RLGA will not allow play until the fee is paid. 

• Late cancellation fees will not be charged if no carts are allowed.


• INCLEMENT WEATHER: Especially in the Spring and Fall, there may be a delayed opening or last minute cancellation of play. This will be posted the day of play on the home page by 6:30 am. However, if advance weather forecasts on Friday before play indicate a possibility of weather conditions you do not like, please do not wait until the last minute to cancel.