Scorecards & Posting Scores


  • Valid scorecards: A player must clearly write the first inital and last name of each player and the date of play.  Using first names is not allowed.  Also the scorekeeper and one other player (attester) must sign the scorecard to attest that the scoring and addition are correct.


  • Every player is encouraged to keep thier own scorecard during play.


  • All players,whether or not they enter their scores for the contest/tournament, must post their ESC Adjusted Score in the compter at the golf course or online at  Some tournaments for the 18 hole league will be identified as "T" score for inputting into the GHIN system.  (A 9 hole score can never be a 'T" score.)


  • After play, the inidvidual gross and net scores are confirme and recorded on the valid group scorecard.  The group calculates the weekly contest scores according to the directions on the results sheet on the bulletin board and using the updated course handicaps also posted for figuring net scores.


  • The valid group scorecard(s) are put in the league card bins.  Note - If a valid scorecard is not turned in, no one in the group will be eligible for prizes.


  • If a player/team wants to be eligible for prizes, they should write their results on the constest/tournament results sheet and must post their adjusted/ESC scores within 48 hours of play.


  • By the following Tuesday, the winers for the contest/tournament will be posted on the bulletin boards and on (TOURNAMENT-WEEKLYWINNERS).


  • If you are a winner, you will be given Pro Shop credit to be used to purchase items. The Pro Shop will be able to tell you what credit you have available to spend.


  • Players who have played the format, but do not want to be considered for contest/tournament placement must post scores as soon as possible, but definitely before the next bimonthly handicap revision at the latest!