• RLGA Membership entitles you to a 9-hole or 18-hole USGA Handicap. The USGA Golf Handbook states: “Every player will endeavor to make the best score he can at each hole in every round that he plays and that (s)he will report every round for handicap purpose, regardless of where the round is played.”


  • A Handicap Index (GHIN) (e.g. 16.2) represents the potential ability of a player on a course of standard difficulty. (See www.ghin.com for further explanation on the calculation procedure).


  • A Course Handicap: (e.g. 18) represents the potential ability of a player on that particular course, as it takes the course difficulty rating into account. This is the number posted in the Ladies Lounge.


How to Establish an RLGA  Handicap

  • When you join the RLGA you will be assigned a GHIN number. Play 5 rounds and enter the 5 gross scores in the computer. Within two weeks of posting your fifth score, your handicap will be computed and you will be sent an email from the CT State Golf Association (CSGA).


Adjusting Scores – Equitable Stroke Control (ESC)

  • Adjusted scores (Equitable Stroke Control or ESC) are posted on the computer for every round of play, not just league play - EXCEPT for unusual rounds such as scrambles and restricted club contests (e.g. “4 clubs and a putter”). Gross scores are only used for contests and tournament outcomes.


  • Players should adjust their score according to the (ESC) Equitable Stroke Control formula below.

This formula most fairly represents a golfer’s game by LOWERING an unusually HIGH SCORE on a hole where, for example, a player used many shots to get out of a bunker.

18 Hole Handicap                     9 Hole Handicap            Maximum Score

     9 or less                                           4 or less                    Double-bogey

     10 – 19                                             5 – 9                                   7

     20 – 29                                            10 – 14                                8

     30 – 39                                            15 – 19                                9

     40 +                                                   20 +                                 10


Posting Scores For Handicap Purposes  (Stroke AND Match Play)

  • You should not post a score greater than your ESC score


  • Post all your ESC scores on the club computer or from home at www.GHIN.com, for every 18 hole or 9 hole round. If your round was incomplete, follow this guideline:


      Play 6 holes or less                      Do NOT post score

      Play 7 – 12 holes*                        Post a 9-hole score

      Play 13 – 18 holes*                      Post an 18-hole score

* For unplayed holes: Record the score as par plus any handicap strokes entitled for that hole.

For unfinished holes: Record the score you most likely would have made on the hole. In the case of putting, (i.e. in a match-play competition) if a putt is “given” by your opponenets and you determine you can make a putt of that distance at least 50% of the time, then count your score as if you had made the putt.

  • If a contest is considered a tournament, it will be indicated on the schedule with a “T”. When you post your score on the computer, claim the  “T” for Tournament, as these scores carry more weight in the determination of one’s handicap.